Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New! Bottlecap Necklaces!

Show your support for dad and sport a Bottlecap Necklaces!
I can add a picture on the back (or front), or just do a name on the bottlecap.
Add some bling to a little girls, or crystal beads on the string!
Any color, with any design- just tell me what you like!

Prices range from $6-$12 depending on if you choose to have bling, or beads.
Boys come on a leather or cording, and girls can come on a ribbon (color of your choice) or I can put it on cording as well!

New!! Football Jersey's

Every Coaches Son needs their very own jersey!
They are easy to do, but if you don't have the time, I can do it for you!

Girls can wear them too! Let me add some bling to make it girly!!

NEW!! Make Shift Cheerleading Uniform!

This isn't authentic, but its close and likely more comfortable (or less itchy) than real uniforms!

I use a black onsie, black pants and (randomly)I found a black skirt that fit well with the outfit, Ribbon, and thread, I also use the iron on letters.

Next, I need a picture of your school's cheerleading uniforms- a long shot and one that is very close up.

And Voila- you have a version of a cheerleading uniform for your little one!

Cost depends on size and how much I can find the top and bottoms for. Somewhere between $20- $30. I can have this to you in less than a week.
Order ladymannslocker@live.com

New! Pacifier Clips!

Always losing your pacifiers? Use a sporty clip and you won't lose it again!!
$6.00- does not include the pacifier
Email to place your order! ladymannslocker@live.com

NEW! Daddy's Football Princess!

Little girls need to wear Bling too! And little girls can be sporty girls!
Let me design a football shirt for your girly, sporty girl!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Our school's mascot is a Raider, and we are more of a Zorro Raider.
So I decided to have masks made for the boys.
Find something unique about your mascot and make something for your kids that resemble it- something that no one else will have, but everyone will want!

God's Devotional

Super cute daily devotional, for any kid.
This particular one is great for ages 2-5

Mini Plastic Football Players

If your children are anything like mine, they LOVE football and baseball. Judson even likes Hockey. So when I founds these players a few years ago, I bought and football and baseball set.

It was the BEST present I could have ever bought. I promise you that my kids play with these everyday.
Within the last year or so, they have become more creative, using their giant lego's, they have built a stadium around their football field and added an ambulance, run through signs and even music. (get your band director to make a cd with the bands songs on it)

The Football Plastic Players come with
a large green field, 26 players (13 of each color), 2 Referees, and 2 field goals

The Baseball Plastic Players come with
a large green baseball diamond, 26 players (13 of each color), an umpire and a scoreboard.

The Hockey Plastic Players come with
the hockey rink, 26 players (13 of each color), 3 rink judges, and 2 hockey goals

To Order:
Kaskey Kids
**You can occassionally find these sets at Cracker Barrell. There is also a Texas Longhorn store in Southlake, Texas that has them as well