Monday, January 25, 2010


Our school's mascot is a Raider, and we are more of a Zorro Raider.
So I decided to have masks made for the boys.
Find something unique about your mascot and make something for your kids that resemble it- something that no one else will have, but everyone will want!

God's Devotional

Super cute daily devotional, for any kid.
This particular one is great for ages 2-5

Mini Plastic Football Players

If your children are anything like mine, they LOVE football and baseball. Judson even likes Hockey. So when I founds these players a few years ago, I bought and football and baseball set.

It was the BEST present I could have ever bought. I promise you that my kids play with these everyday.
Within the last year or so, they have become more creative, using their giant lego's, they have built a stadium around their football field and added an ambulance, run through signs and even music. (get your band director to make a cd with the bands songs on it)

The Football Plastic Players come with
a large green field, 26 players (13 of each color), 2 Referees, and 2 field goals

The Baseball Plastic Players come with
a large green baseball diamond, 26 players (13 of each color), an umpire and a scoreboard.

The Hockey Plastic Players come with
the hockey rink, 26 players (13 of each color), 3 rink judges, and 2 hockey goals

To Order:
Kaskey Kids
**You can occassionally find these sets at Cracker Barrell. There is also a Texas Longhorn store in Southlake, Texas that has them as well